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Cost Saving Brands. Our range of cost saving brands has helped CCGs achieve over £30m in savings across multiple therapeutic classes.

Using a Category C Strategy, offering guaranteed sustainable supply and cost saving, over 100 CCG’s are working with Aspire to deliver these benefits to patients and the NHS.

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In 2017 Aspire launched a range of innovative, preservative free, multi dose eye drops under the ‘ey’ umbrella brand.

These products were developed in direct response to ophthalmologists’ requests.

Our ability to combine new device technology with established molecules, has created intellectual property and a thoughtfully designed, patient focussed, range of medicines that provide significant saving potential.

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Our Glaucoma Treatment Money Saving Strategy

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In 2010, Aspire launched iAluRil?, the first combination GAG replacement therapy, for cystitis of various aetiologies.

Since launch, we have continued to adapt and improve the product; initially through the addition of a pre-filled syringe, making administration easier for the clinician and latterly for the patient, through the launch of a new adapter, making iAluRil the first non-invasive, catheterisation free, bladder instillation in the UK.

Our sales team continue to drive impressive growth of the product, through direct promotion to hospital-based urologists and their clinical staff.

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Lecicarbon? A Suppository is suitable for adults and children over 12 years of age.
Lecicarbon? C Suppository is suitable for children under 12 years of age.

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  • Once-daily treatment

  • Fits into current practice for treating community acquired pneumonia (CAP)

  • Low potential for drug interactions

  • Better infusion site tolerability than clarithromycin

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A range comprising a mouthwash, oral spray and vaginal cream. For the treatment of oral mucostis and vulvovaginitis induced by cancer treatment.

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A range of emollient formulations creams, ointments and gels which provide cost saving alternatives to market leading brands.

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